By storing water, we make sure that you always have the water you need – even during times of the day when water use in the community is at its highest. Stored water also ensures that water is available at all times for emergencies such as firefighting. We closely monitor the delivery of drinking water, know when demand is changing and direct water to where it is needed most.

Some of the raw water that we draw from the Savannah River is stored in reservoirs so that we have enough water even if something should happen to prevent pumping from the river. Once your water has been treated, it is stored in one of the 17 elevated water storage tanks in our service area. Storing water high above the ground ensures that you always have adequate water pressure.

We also store treated water underground in Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells and recover that water when demands are high. During the wet season, treated drinking water is pumped from the water treatment plants into the wells. During dry months or drought, the water is pumped back out for delivery to you. This storage system allows us to maximize existing treatment plant capacity and defer expensive water system expansions.