Fast Fact
Water and sewer rates apply for all water flowing through your regular water meter. There are no sewer charges for water flowing through irrigation meters.

Water and irrigation meters are read and billed once a month. Our radio-based system allows much faster, more accurate readings. It keeps billing cycles on schedule, regardless of weather conditions, so that your water use is correctly tracked and billed.

We use a highly accurate automatic meter-reading system that does not require having to open the meter box or step onto the customer’s property. BJWSA employees drive a truck equipped with a special receiver down the street. As the truck passes a customer’s residence, the computer inside sends a low-power radio signal to the water meter. The meter then automatically transmits detailed water usage data to the computer. This information is stored on the computer until your bill is printed.

An irrigation meter exclusively tracks water used for outdoor watering and irrigation. Since this water does not go into our wastewater system, sewer rates are not charged for this water use. We charge $700 for the installation and use of an irrigation meter. If you would like an irrigation meter installed, please email customer service.

Please protect your water meter

If a water meter is damaged, the person who has the account with BJWSA may be held responsible for repairs or replacement. The electronic equipment installed in the meter boxes can easily withstand weather and other environmental conditions. However, the meter equipment is sensitive and cannot withstand tinkering, tampering or mishandling. In fact, the system alerts us if the meter has been tampered with since the last reading. If you are aware of any meter tampering, please email customer service.

Eye on Water

This multi-year project replaces older meter reading technology with Beacon Meter Cellular Technology. New units allow customers and BJWSA staff to access water usage, helping customers find leaks and better manage water usage. Meter readings are updated once daily.

If you have a Beacon meter, you can register online here to monitor your usage from anywhere you have wifi access.