Resolution Amending Bylaws March 26 2020

Bylaws Amended March 26, 2020 with out signature block

BJWSA-Amended Bylaws-2013

BJWSA Board Handbook

BJWSA-Citation of Chapter 37-2009

Customer Care and Field Operations

Customer Service Policy Manual

Residential Alternative Sewer Management Program 2020

Cross Connection Control Policy 2018

Donations Policy

BJWSA Giving Policy


BJWSA-GreaseTrap Standards-2011


Development Policy and Procedure Manual


BJWSA-Cash and Investment Mgmt Policy-2018

BJWSA-General Financial Policies-2018

Human Resources

Employee Handbook 2020

Telework Policy

Public Affairs

BJWSA-Communications Policy 2018


BJWSA Purchasing Procedures

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Pretreatment Program 2017 for public

Industrial Pretreatment Permit Application

DHEC REG r61-58