Fast Fact

Our water, which comes from the Savannah River, is considered relatively soft. For more details about our water, please reference our annual finished water report.

It is impossible to ignore how important clean, safe water is in our daily lives. We use it for so many, many things – cooking, cleaning, bathing and – most importantly – drinking. Your drinking water consistently meets or surpasses all of the water quality standards established by the EPA and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).

We check the quality of your drinking water carefully and consistently. BJWSA takes water samples from the Savannah River, throughout our water system, and at water taps in homes in our service area. Both a certified, independent lab and the BJWSA
certified lab perform extensive tests on these water samples. BJWSA regularly reports test results to DHEC. DHEC also performs sanitary surveys to check water quality on a regular basis. See our most recent Finished Water Results here.

Boil Water Instructions

If BJWSA issues a boil water advisory, use these instructions.

Monthly Water Reports

See our monthly reports here.

Frequent Water Questions

Below are some common water quality questions.  If you do not find your answer here or have a different question, please call us at 843-987-9200.

Boil Water Instructions
Discolored Water                                     Slime
Taste and Odor                                        Household filters and water softeners
Chemicals in Water                                 Fish and Aquariums
Irritation or Illness                                    Temperature
What to flush
Is my water safe to breathe?
Emerging contaminants
Cross connection and backflow control